WEND Liquid Juice and MF Cleaner/Conditioner Combo

$ 10.00

Our Liquid Juice Towelette and MF Cleaner/Conditioner Towelette combo packs are for the always-traveling, always waxing, and the perfectionist.  Perfect for a quick clean and wax prior to getting on the hill or on your burger break - our towelettes pack light and are your favorite space-savers with the ultimate results!

6" X 6" Towelette
4.5 grams  

Your choice:

- 2 Liquid Juice Towelettes & 1 MF Cleaner/Conditioner Towelette

- 4 Liquid Juice Towelettes & 3 MF Cleaner/Conditioner Towelettes

- 6 Liquid Juice Towelettes & 4 MF Cleaneron/Conditioner Towelettes


Liquid Juice Towelette Application Instructions: 

1. Rub liquid juice towelette generously onto the base.

2. Allow liquid juice to saturate 10-20 minutes or until dry.

3. Once dry, brush off the hazed layer on the base to remove all contaminants.

4. Polish with a clean towel or rag.

MF Cleaner/Conditioner Application Instructions: 

1. Apply to your base generously and rub in with paper towel or clean rag. 

2. Brush to loosen any other contaminants in the base and let dry.

3. Once dry, brush and/or buff to a shine.

4. Now the base is ready for a wax!

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